Cheque Cashing

Sometimes we come across post-dated cheque by customers. We know that the cash is coming in, but not at this time when we need it. Cheque cashing services might help customer to immediately get cash immediately. In licensed money lender term, the borrower is offering cash in exchange the cheque which is not due. When the cheque is due, the lender will cash-in the cheque to get the cash.

The Process of Cheque Cashing

Usually the lender will advance cash to the borrower in exchange of the post dated cheque. We will assess the credit profile of the cheque issuer, whether it is a strong company. Besides, we also require the borrower to sign an agreement to make up for the balance if the cheque is bounced.

If all the basic requirements are successfully met, the cheque cashing service can cash your cheque. And you could receive your money immediately without any hassle. This cash is after deducting the related handling fee and a percentage of the cheque.

How we can help?

There are times when you have short-term emergency cash needs. Unfortunately, you have an incoming collection, but it is not due. Your debtors can issue you a post-dated cheque. In this scenario, your best option is to cash-out your cheque. This is much better than normal caveat loanbusiness loan or personal loan.


So if you have a post-dated cheque, but are in need of urgent money, feel free to check with us. We can help cash-out your cheque and advance you the cash. Most important is that we help address your urgent cash needs, as well as you cheque does not bounce. We cover KL and Selangor area for this cheque financing service.